About Us

At Yoyo Burgers, great burgers are served
Burger with turn up the taste
Our Story

Legend has it that, Yoyo Burgers and Chicken was born out of the naked enthusiasm of culinary artists. When you stop by, you are not just entering another restaurant, but into a world where your food is prepared from the mere love. Our commitment is concrete in serving you nothing but the best meat and fresh ingredients that are brought about in every dish. Our affair with home grilled burgers, fresh and 100% halal meat, hand cut fries sautéed and fried to secret gold; accompanied by old fashion customer service.

What started as a dream of two, has now become one !

a powerhouse for food lovers with a research team who thinks, breathes, and speaks food; are all tirelessly working to bring you the healthiest and freshest meat out there.

Our Fundamental Conviction to Bring You Healthy meat has pushed us to create art out of every dish we prepare for you. Our desserts, appetizers that tickle your taste buds are geared not just to establish but serve your quality on a platter each time.

Setting the Bar for Halal Restaurant in California

we strive to club excitement and surprises that are tailored with ingredients that are poached on a food lover’s dream boat. So, drop by our kitchen full of food enthusiasts from around the world who have pooled powers to innovate every dish you order.